Stefan Beck live performances

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Stefan Beck Performing with turntables at Club Metro, Kyoto. --- Metro01

Club Metro, Kyoto, 6.11. 1999


Stefan Beck scratching Fotoshop, Berlin

Berlin, 22. Feb. 2007

Double concert starting at the very small very special Fotoshop space in Berlin Mitte. Extending into the more stylish Blitzteam club just round the corner. [ more...]


Stefan Beck scratching Mousonturm

Frankfurt, 4. April 2006

Hüttenmusik III - a sound play on the UNAbomber trial.

Ted Kaczynski has produced a record for this event. [ more...]


Stefan Beck scratching at IVI

Frankfurt, 24. March 2006

At an old now nearly defunct lecture building of the university. Turntable performance on the nature of the Geräusch. Ten paying guests. [ more...]

Raum für Kultur

Stefan Beck performing at Raum für Kultur

Frankfurt, 19. Jan. 2005

Two turntables, two records - that's enough. Anonther high pitched scratching performance for the „Frequenzen” event. [ more...]


Stefan Beck performing at Buro21 Malmö

Malmö, Sweden, 15. Jan. 2004

„Smart tysk turntablist” delivered a lecture on noise music and a scratching session which rocked the place.


Tokyo, Shinjuku, 25. Oct. 2003

Everything a surprise, turntablism without turntables. OFF SITE is an all-bring-in low noise place (because of the neighbors!). Did a little hiss with the Japanese.


Frankfurt, 18. Jun. 2003

After a long break a concert finally battling with Buckettovsissors: turntablism vs. industrial noise. Shokked the punks.....

hr2 radiostation

Frankfurt, 06. Dec. 2002

Spin the records and flip the needles! The ultimate scratching session ever brought to radio. See scratch_beck.

uplink factory

Stefan Beck performing at UPLINK Factory Tokyo

Tokyo, Shibuya, 15. Nov. 2002

instreams 5 featuring noise turntablists. The japanese „challenge” was quite mellow. Answered with heavy scratching to the Australian girl group „kunt”. [more...]


HAL Antwerpen, the bastard remix show 2002

Antwerpen, 01. Nov. 2002

More scratching on the occasion of the presentation of the Metronome Nr.7 Bastard remix edition. Together with local sound artists.

Goldfinger Bar

Goldfinger Bar, nasty sounds for a nasty place

Frankfurt, 26. Oct. 2002

First public scratching performance. Once again outcries from the audience: „Stop it!” - within the first minutes. They know very well what to expect...

Goldfinger Bar

Frankfurt, 03. Apr. 2002

„Stop this at once - asshole” was the first reaction of some drunken punters. But even a filthy former table dance club needs some noise from time to time.

Schutzkontakt Kiosk

Frankfurt, 24. Mar. 2002

Minimal performance at a local „off-space”. It is still possible to produce heavy noise with a tiny mixer (Behringer 804) and just two effect devices.

Excess Keller

Frankfurt, 05. Jan. 2002

On the hardcore floor of (Bembelterror) Martin Kliehm's birthday party. According to serveral witnesses slight panic occurred.

Club Metro

Club Metro Riga noise xchange relab hurra!

Riga, 07. Apr. 2001

Invitation by x-change/re-lab to perform on the occaison of the BSRIC (Baltic Sea Region Identity Conference).

Hessischer Rundfunk hr2 Crossover Sound

Frankfurt, 10. Nov. 2000

Live performance on the HR2 radio station: Casino Royal, a 50min piece on the fall of the Berlin wall. A new concept of radio play (Hörspiel).

Club Metro

Kyoto, 06. Nov. 1999

Shocking guests of a Hip Hop party at the best club of Kyoto. Playing with a real club PA can be really fun. See more at multi.trudi Japan 1999.

Voice Gallery

Kyoto, 02. Nov. 1999

First in Japan with minimal equipment brought from Germany. Everything including records was borrowed. See more at multi.trudi Japan 1999.

Schirn Kunsthalle

Frankfurt, 27. Jul. 1999

With only three paying guests this horrible noise performance was labeled „U-Musik” (entertainment music) by the GEMA (ass. f. mechanical rights).


Frankfurt, 27. Mar. 1998

The first public performance with the noize-concept setup ever. The effect on the audience of the then illegal SpacePlace club was devasting.

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