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Best audio samples of turntablism

Stefan Beck scratching at The Bastard Remix, Antwerpen 2002 ---- foto-11-2002-05



A turntable performance at IVI, Frankfurt

Soundfile Geräuschlektion 01 (mp3, 64kbps, ca. 30min)


scratchbeck 2005

Turntable performance at Dresdner Bank

Complete recording (42:46min, mp3, 64kbps)


Building transmissions

Building transmissions live performance, HAL Antwerpen 2002 --- foto-11-2002-09

Here're some results made for the building transmissions interactive radio project:

For details check:

The original Building Transmissions Website is no more available.

A short index:


Perfect Scratch

From the first "pure" scratching session, Radio X, Frankfurt, 13.10. 2002:

Perfect Scratch (beginning)

Perfect Scratch (end)


Noize 64

Two files from session 'Noize 64', locked groove records + live electronic

Part 01 (ca. 10min, mp3 128k)

Part 06 (ca. 06min, mp3 128k)


Noise Miniaturen

Subtle small pieces of noise. Made only with No Input Mixer in 2004.

- Noise Miniatur 01 (2:02, mp3 128kb)

- Noise Miniatur 02 (2:01, mp3 128kb)

- Noise Miniatur 03 (1:01, mp3 128kb)

- Noise Miniatur 04 (1:15, mp3 128kb)

- Noise Miniatur 05 (1:02, mp3 128kb)

- Noise Miniatur 06 (1:19, mp3 128kb)


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