The Record Shop


Empty Delirium Recordshop, Frankfurt 2006


Been to the record shop today (after a long time). A record shop is a strange thing for a turntablist.

Gazed at all the labels with curiosity. Some were like "medium techno" or "hard techno" and similiar.

They certainly stand for where they're coming from, but probably what they are meant for as well. If you buy "medium techno" you are supposed to play "medium techno".

When the art of DJing emerged in the Bronx there were no record shops, where the DJs could buy their records. Indeed, their achievement was in creating a music form records which were never intended to be played like this.

Nowadays a DJ can walk into a recordshop and acquire records made for DJing and nothing else.

But for the true turntablist there is no recordshop the right one. I seldom buy records. Most of the time I find them on the street.

Because for the turntablist any record can do.

08. 03. 2006

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